Congratrulations! Haibian Power Equipment Co., Ltd. has 12kv & 24kv Gas insulated Switchgear successfully finished STL Membership ASTA test items.33kV ASTA test is under proceeding,welcome a world wide cooperators!
ZGS13-630/12 Preinstalled Substation(American)

Functions And Features
1. Fully insulated, fully sealed, free maintenance, reliable personal safety guarantee;
2. Compact structure, the volume is only 1/3-1/5 of European type with the same capacit...

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YB口-12/0.4-口 Outdoor Preinstalled Substation (European)

Model and Meaning Functions And Features
1. High-voltage switchgear, transformer, low-voltage switchgear, trinity, complete;
2. Perfect protection for high and low voltage, safe and reliable operat...

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XGW口-12 Outdoor ring-network switching station (cable branch box)

Functions And Features
It is made of prefabricated charged removable silicon rubber cable, fully sealed, fully insulated, maintenance-free, and can reliably ensure personal safety. The structure is s...

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DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box

Functions And Features
DFW8-12 series of cable branch box is outdoor design, fully sealed structure, and cabinet's protection class reaches IP33. The cable connector bracket adopts stainless steel, t...

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