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DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box

DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box
DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box DFW8-12 Cable Branch Box

Functions And Features

DFW8-12 series of cable branch box is outdoor design, fully sealed structure, and cabinet's protection class reaches IP33. The cable connector bracket adopts stainless steel, the shell is made of 2mm high-quality stainless steel plate, and the box is divided into bus room and cable tank by the cable tank roof.

The bus room is enclosed by 2mm steel plate. The cable connector bracket is located in the upper part of the bus room to support the casing, which is used to fix the cable connector, and the phase distance of cable connector is 180mm. In the case of the type with arrester, the arrester is installed at the rear of the cable connector. In addition, short-circuit indicator and charged display are also installed in the bus room. All the charged parts of the bus room are strictly insulated with silicone rubber. Cable tank is located in the lower part of the bus room, which is the channel of cable, and there is fixing cable clamp and ground terminal in the tank.

Model And Meaning

Outline Drawing

Technical Specification

Rated Voltage 12KV Connecting Point Resistance 40µΩ
Rated Current 630A Operating Temperature Of Conductor ≤95℃
Rated Frequency 50Hz Partial Discharge ≤10pc/13kV
Rated Thermal Stability Current 20kA/3s Moisture Test 11kV/100hpass
Rated Dynamic Current (peak) 50kA Scope of Type Of Cable XLPE
P.F.withstand Voltage 45kA/1min Scope of Cross-section of Cable 25℃~ 400℃
Lightning lmpulse withstand Voltage 105kV Scope of Ambient Temperature -40℃ ~+50℃
    Scope of Altitude ≤3000m

Wring Diagram