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GCS Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear

GCS Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear
GCS Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear GCS Low-voltage Withdrawable Switchgear


GCS-type low-voltage withdrawable switchgear (hereinafter referred to as "switchgear") is designed and developed by our company to meet the needs of the majority of design units and power users in line with national conditions, with high technical performance indicators, and can adapt to the needs of the development of the electricity market and be compete with existing import products. The product has been widely used by power users.

The switch equipment is suitable for distribution system of power plants, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, high-rise buildings and other industries. In the fields with high degree of automation and request interface with the computer such as large-scale power plants and petrochemical systems, it serves as low-voltage power distribution device for distribution, centralized control of the motor, and reactive compensation use of power generation and power supply system with three-phase AC frequency of 50(60) Hz, rated working voltage of 380V(400V), (660), rated current of 6300A and below. The basic form of switch equipment (see Figure 1).

This product complies with: GB7251 "low-voltage switchgear and control equipment", JB/T9661 "ow-voltage withdrawable switchgear", IEC60349"low-voltage switchgear and control equipment" standard.

Model and Meaning

Technical Specification

Main Circuit Voltage (V) AC 380(400)、(660)
Auxiliary Circuit Rated Current (V) AC 220、380(400)DC 110、220
Rated Frequency(Hz) 50(60)
Rated lnsulation Voltage(v) 660(1000)
Rated Current(A) Horizontal Busbar ≤4000
vertical Busbar(MCc) 1000
Busbar Rated Short Time Withstand Current(kl/vi s) 50,80
Busbar Rated Peak Withstand Current(kNO.1 s) 105,176

P.F Test voltage (V/1 min)

Main Circuit 2500
Auxiliary Circuit 1760
Busbar 3-Phase 4-Wire System A、B、C、PEN
3-Phase 5-Wire System A、B、C、PE、N
Protection Degree IP30、IP40

Outline And Installation Dimension